LED PAR Lights 1/4" ATA Case - 12 Compartments ID 6"x6"x10" H

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These LED PAR Multi-Lights 12 in 1 Medium Duty ATA Cases are designed to protect the considerable number of inexpensive LED PAR lights on today’s market. Many of our customer’s have asked us for a low cost alternative to expensive ATA cases, as they find that type of case is an overkill to house such a low cost light, in both price and construction.  We came up with this medium duty low priced line of cases to fill that need. They are constructed of 1/4" plywood with heavy nubtex vinyl laminate outside and 1/8" thick dense poly foam lining inside. The corru-cube dividers are made of single wall corrugated board sheets with 1/8" thick poly foam on one side. These sheets are then scored and formed into a 4 sided square compartment and taped together at the seam. Once there are a number of these corru-cubes in the case they hold each other together fairly strong. This is an inexpensive way of dividing your lights. * Note - these dividers are not attached to walls of case. They are just sized correctly for the ID of the case and pushed inside.  The case also comes with all recessed hardware and steel flat corners which make the cases very easy to stack. This line of cases is available in 4 great sizes and will fit many LED lights on the market today.

  • LED PAR Multi Lights 12 In 1 Medium Duty ATA Case
  • 12 Cube Compartments
  • Inside Dimensions 6" X 6" X 10" High
  • Case Outside Dimensions 38" X 13 5/8" X 11" High
  • 8 Corru Cube Dividers
  • 1/4" ATA Construction
  • Thick Nubtex Laminate Steel Flat Corners (Great For Stacking)
  • 4 Recessed Catches
  • 2 Recessed Handles
  • Completely Poly Foam Lined Interior 
  • Optional Stacking Wheel Plates
  • Optional Casters
  • Made In The USA

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