14 Sp OVER 6 Sp Rack/Mixer 1/4" Ply ATA Case w/Dolly Wheels

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Rack/Mixer 14 Space Over 6 Space ATA Case

With Dolly Wheels!

Unique Design!

* Outside Dimensions of Closed Case Approx:

20" Wide x 28" Deep x 19" High 


  • Mixer - Rack 1/4" ATA Case 25" Deep (front rails to rear wall)
  • Black PVC Laminate
  • All Recessed Hardware
  • Threaded Rails In Front and Top
  • Economical and Compact Design Avaliable In 2 Sizes
  • 14 Space Over 4 Space - 14 Space Over 6 Space
  • 13 Space Rails On Top Will Fit 14 Space Unit
  • 6 Space Rails On Bottom w/3 Space Plate Above
  • Mixer Simply Mounts In Top
  • Dolly Wheels Included
  • Made In The USA

This new unique ATA rack/mixer case is manufactured by a leading case co in the music and sound industry. The case is constructed of 1/4" thick plywood with a heavy PVC Black laminate and completely surrounded with thick aluminum extrusion which is permanently machine riveted together. It is fitted with recessed catches and handles. Steel ball corners are also added to meet ATA specs. Dolly wheels are included which makes this case even more portable with ease. The top rails are 13 spaces but will accommodate a 14 space mixer because they are recessed back 2" behind the front rails. The front rails have a 3 space (5 1/4") face plate above which governs the height of the mixer to be used. If a deeper mixer is used then at least one space has to be forfeited making the front rails one space less. The depth of the shell is 25" from the front rails to the back wall. The case's unique design offers compact and economical features and is a real bargain at this incredible low price!


1 Review

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    Good case, but light duty - not medium duty

    Posted by Kazz on 1st May 2014

    I recently upgraded mixers from a Mackie CFX12MkII to a Mackie PPM1012, and therefore my Gator 10u over 4u rack wasn't big enough for the new mixer, so I needed a new case. After extensive searching, this is the only lightweight slanted top mixer I could find that would fit the new mixer, and leave me some rack spaces to hook up wireless mics, etc. Here's what's good: - It's lightweight - only a few more pounds than my Gator case. You can load a mixer and fill up the front rack spaces with other gear, and it's still a 1 person job to lift this in and out of your car. - It's got wheels - never understood why the Gator case didn't have wheels, but this is a really nice feature. They're not heavy duty casters, so I'm hoping they hold up pretty well. - It's cheap. That's good, but I'm hoping that doesn't translate into the quality of the case as well. - It can handle larger mixers with up to 14u on top. The only other slant top cases with 14u on top are the SKB Mighty Gig Rig cases, which are great, but they cost around $500, and they weigh more than 3x as much as this case. Here's what I'm not impressed with: - The lid is so shallow that you can't hook up XLR cables to your mixer and leave them plugged in with the lid on top. The beauty of these slant top mixer cases is that you're supposed to be able to keep everything set up from gig to gig! My workaround was to go spend a ton of money on right angle cables. I knew the lid was going to be shallow when I purchased it, but I'm just pointing this out as a big drawback for the case - The plywood is 1/4". They say medium weight, which is impossible. If 1/4" is medium weight, then what is the light weight version made out of? So, you'll have to be careful with this case. I've yet to actually use it on a gig. I just finished mounting everything inside of the case. - The lids are a little awkward to get on and off. It's not a super easy fit for either the top or front lid. - The opening in the back for the cables is pretty small. Luckily with my mixer, there's some room on top for me to see what cables I've got sitting inside the case to make things work. In summary, I think it'll do the job. I'm really hoping it does, because there are no other cases on the market like it in this price range and weight.

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