8U Over 6U Rack/Mixer ATA Case w/Top for Laptops, I Pads

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1/4" Medium Duty 8 Sp Over 6 Sp Rack/Mixer Case

with 'FLIP BACK TOP' for Laptops, Monitors, I Pads Etc


  • 1/4" Plywood Medium Duty ATA Construction
  • Heavy Gauge PVC Laminate Outside And A Stained Wood Interior
  • Completely Bound In Aluminum Angle And Channel Permanently Riveted
  • All Recessed Hardware, Steel Ball Corners & Fittings
  • Top Unlatches - Spins around And Latches Onto 2 Rear Catches. This Creates A Convenient Platform For Laptops, Monitors, I Pads, Etc
  • 8 Space Rails (14") Are Mounted On Top Of The Rack Shell On A Slight Pitch 
  • The 3 Space (5 1/4") Front Face Plate Mounted At The Top Should Be Enough Height To Fit Most Mixers. If More Depth For The Mixer Is Needed, You Will Have To Forfeit Spaces From The Bottom Front Rails.
  • 6 Space (10 1/2") Rails Are Mounted On The Bottom Front And The Depth From The Rails To The Back Wall Of The Shell Is 21 1/2" Deep
  • There Is A Hinged Trap Door In The Rear Of The Rack That Allows Access To The Back Of Your Equipment As Needed
  • Both Lids Are Approx 1 3/4" Deep
  • Remove Top, Spin Around And Latch Onto Rear Catches
  • Outside Dimensions 21" W x 24" D x 19" H
  • Made In The USA

This rack/mixer is very compact and very useful for the professional who needs an all-in-one unit that can be configured to many types of setups. The flip back top is very useful for either laptops, monitors, or I Pads. A very useful rack Indeed! 


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